When Lead Generators Say You’re Super, You BETTER Be!

Yes, there’s some wiggle room from exaggeration in marketing (even B2B marketing). But no matter how well you toe that line, the only purpose of your lead generators is to simply say what you really are. Anything that takes you further and further from that truth is only going to result in long-term disappointed customers.

Look at Avengers: Age of Ultron. Look at their trailers and (hopefully) look at the film. You can tell that it’s been the finest example of consistent marketing. Everyone from the director to the fans was hyping it to be a big superhero movie and guess what? That’s exactly what the geeks of the world got.

No matter how you entrust your marketing process (or to whom), there are a lot more benefits to keeping to true to what your core process is than merely exaggerating it.

  • #1. Reduces miscommunication – If your goal is to simply state what your company is and what your products can do, there’s no room for speculation. When there’s no room for speculation, there’s no room for misinterpretation. People can’t point at something your marketing materials say and the throw hard questions at your sales reps.

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  • #2. It controls expectations – If you’re selling EMR technology and make it your intention to digitize medical data, then that’s exactly what you’re going to pitch on your websites, emails, telemarketing calls and everything in between. Anything else and your critics will jump on because they will turn your exaggeration into an expectation. When marketing becomes that sort of distraction, it becomes a liability. (It’s why Abercrombie’s been taking out its shirtless models.)
  • #3.You satisfy loyal customers – A loyal customer isn’t just somebody who trusts your products and services. It’s someone who has a history with you. It’s somebody who’s already familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. That’s why, when you play to your strengths, you are fulfilling their expectations. It’s hard to disappoint someone who already knows that you give exactly what you promised? It’s simple sales logic that’s often lost on people who try too hard to please everybody.

Honesty isn’t just about ethics or transparency. It’s also perfectly strategic. When you say you’re going to do something and push through with it, the only flak you’ll get is from people who don’t want it done. These are people who want you to do something else and more often than not, these people aren’t your target market.

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