When Outsourcing Lead Generation Services, Inspect Their Data!

Countries like US, Australia, and Canada shouldn’t be blamed for hitting harder and harder on telemarketers these days. So many scammers have come to use it as a ruse for their illicit activities. While you’ll get plenty of professionals telling you that there is a whole world of difference between an authentic telemarketing service and a poser, it might take a bit of skepticism to actually disprove the skeptics.


These claims aren’t always enough, not even if you were a BI software supplier in desperate need of B2B leads. Telemarketing may be the only way you’ll hear a high-ranking executive on the other end but it always helps to be completely sure that you’re outsourcing a reputable service.


One thing you need to evaluate is their contact database. When telemarketing in Australia, telemarketing businesses of any kind are expected to cross out any number that’s on the country’s DNC register. These include private home numbers, mobile phone numbers, and emergency numbers used to contact local hospitals. When outsourcing, make sure that the company representing you can give you the utmost assurance that their contact database is free of such numbers. It highlights their compliance with the laws of the land and at the same time, you can even benefit from having only business numbers to call.


The value of any lead generation firm lies the quality of the data it gives you. A proper inspection of where and how it obtains such information is only due. Take great care in evaluating the database of your outsourced service.

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