When To Give Software Leads Another Push Into Your Sales Process

Nobody likes a pushy marketer or a salesperson. However, you cannot get qualified software leads if you have no clue as how to drive prospects further into the sales process. Then again, it does look quite simple and automatic for B2C brands. But for B2B salespeople, they need to patiently wait days, weeks, or even months before their target decision makers get back to them. Such periods leave plenty of room for uncertainty and not to mention, they cannot get back the amount of time they invested. Is it really possible to speed this process along without necessarily turning off your prospects?

Testing Your Sales Leads If They’re Still Alive

Software Leads, ERP Software Leads, Sales LeadsThe following quote is from Inc and describes the sort of situation that calls you to push a little for sales leads:

You’ve sent a sales proposal to a customer and haven’t heard back, even though there’s been plenty of time to make a decision. Your challenge is to give the customer a nudge to get the purchase moving again. At the very least, you need to know whether the opportunity is still alive.”

The author, Geoffrey James, further describes four, distinct approaches on how to push. On the other hand, you should also take note of the situations in which he recommends each, individual approach. In other words: timing. Your lead generation strategy should not just pick each of these approaches at random. A few factors to consider would be:

  • Time of your last call – When was the last time you called? A week? It sounds like Approach #1 would work here. A month? Maybe it is safe to try #2 or #3. A day? Now you are obviously being impatient. More importantly though, always remember that the time of your calls should be aligned with both your company schedule and your prospect’s. It is not likely that either of your are enjoying spending each others time when you have other things to do. Better yet, why not just ask for this instead of waiting for the prospect to give you a hint?

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  • How often did you call – You do not want to sound like a nag (as implied by Approach #2)? Check how many times you have already called. Take note that there is a difference between a fruitful conversation with a prospect and a redundant back and forth. If you have already made several calls but keep getting the same responses (they need more time, they are still consulting etc), then it could be a sign to adopt Approach #3. Though to be fair, you should also give them something to get back to like a website, a social media profile, or an email newsletter. Who knows? They might come back as completely new (and hopefully successful) ERP software leads.
  • Alternative channels to inquire – Some prospects are just not active on some channels. Just because you think you have sent enough emails does not mean you should go straight for Approach #4. How about giving them an actual phone call? Just because you are switching from something new to something old does not mean you still cannot engage a prospect. The basic marketing principles governing them are not that much different.

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Do not be afraid of giving a well-timed, moderated push or else your B2B sales leads might just go rot off and wind up as duds!

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