Why Outsourced Lead Generation Takes You Around the World (and Not The Other Way)

People never consider the impact of cultural barriers when outsourcing their lead generation process offshore. Some might even argue that it’s the job of the outsourced company and not the client.

On the other hand, it’s never good to take things for granted and assume that your offshore company revolves the world around you and not the other way around.

Here’s a simpler way to illustrate this. Suppose your company is joining in the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and are sending promotional emails or even Irish-themed robocalls to select clients.

However, since your outsourced lead generator has done such a wonderful job of acquiring international clientele, how sure are you that this sort of seasonal marketing resonates with them? What if they’re Singaporean or Indonesian? Does St. Patrick’s Day mean anything to them beyond the shamrock and a little old man dressed in green?

What of the outsourced company itself? Do its employees truly ‘get’ the concepts around St. Patrick’s Day or do they only go as far as what Google search tells them?

This is what happens when you realize that Western culture isn’t as predominant as you would think in some parts of the world. For all you know, in the regions of your offshore companies, the most Westernized people remain to be a minority in an otherwise foreign population.

So with that in mind, what are the little things you can do to make sure you don’t accidentally alienate anyone (be it your vendor company or your foreign prospects)?

  • Have more targeted campaigns – There’s a reason why international brands have localized websites in their sitemap. Instead of constantly going global, segment your target market according to region. Find something that’s closer to their calendar instead of yours.
  • School them a bit – As far as your vendor goes, just school them and don’t expect them to figure it all out by themselves. Explain the symbolism and the associations. Encourage them to ask questions about your little holiday-based campaign.

Unlike perhaps Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, holidays like St. Patrick’s aren’t always as celebrated outside America and Europe. And when you’re a global company, it helps to know that it’s you going around the world and not the world going around you.

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