You still need brains to play the B2B outsourcing game

When people say outsourcing, it usually just stops at finding a company who can do the non-essential/non-core tasks and just making sure their people are proven experts. It’s like a game that sounds so simple but that’s what leads to one weak assumption: it’s a complete no-brainer.

True, outsourcing can be easier under certain circumstances. It can even help your software company grow and save money. It’s got its unique way of involving fresh minds in your overall business plan while also freeing time up for innovation and other core tasks.

That doesn’t mean there’s no more room for improvement. There are still some better outsourcing decisions you can make that significantly add to both cost savings and efficiency. For that, you’ll need an outsourcing strategy.

Think about it. What if you’re not concentrating on the right combination of processes to be outsourced? Take marketing for example. With prospects going to fro from their desk, you’ll need a set of tools for your marketing campaign instead of just one.

Failing to outsource that particular set might result in less sales support than the organization could have received. It might even put you at a complete disadvantage! You might lose control of propriety information or receive business leads that aren’t up to the standards of your sales department.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a micro-manager just to get outsourced services to start filling your pipeline. You just need to take a little closer look at what is not working and what can be changed. Try doing some of the following to see if it makes a difference:

  • Make the occasional call – Every good provider offers a customer support number. Make use of that service frequently to check up on their status or impose an changes.
  • Understand their own processes – Sometimes the quality of your leads is bad because you don’t know how fixed their procedures are or how experienced they are in your industry.
  • Guarantee full support – An outsourced company should provide full support even if they cater to other B2B customers besides you. It’s a testament to their own resources.
  • Fix the problems on your end – Finally, no amount outsourcing can replace the more inherent flaws. If there’s something wrong in your end of the sales process, outsourcing the rest of it would only make the problem bigger than it already was.

Think of it like playing checkers. You play it to relax but that doesn’t mean you do it without thinking. Get a strategy in place that will govern your outsourced service so that you won’t have something heavier on your mind when you see their results.

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