Your Software Leads Could Be Right Across the Street

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are plenty who are foregoing the tired, old wait for Mr./Ms. Right. They want to take things into their own hands and hate the idea that the one they’re looking for being right under their noses.

You know what gets me? It’s the fact that you don’t apply this sort of thinking when it comes to B2B sales and generating software leads.

Not just for Valentines.

If you’re the guy who does the work of both a sales person and that of a sophisticated pick up artist, it’d shock me if you didn’t have the “Get out there and meet somebody!” mentality.


Because, in all seriousness, they’re not that different. Sure, on the one hand, you’re looking for anything from a casual date to a potential life partner. On the other hand, you’re talking serious business meetings.

But you know, they can both be serious business and the idea of meeting the person you’re looking for right across the street really applies (regardless you’re looking for romance or your next big customer).

The only noticeable difference comes in the execution. You look for a date under a different context, using different connections etc. So knowing that, here’s how to execute the mindset for the purpose of generating good sales lead for your software company.

  • Think beyond the conferences and tradeshows – Don’t keep your business locked to its tradeshow stall. Look beyond. Where is the conference located? Are there any good restaurants nearby? What’s a background that’ll let you execute a soft sell? If one entrepreneur can soft sell during an Uber drive, you can manage just as much in more casual settings outside the tradeshow.

software lead generation

  • It works online too – You don’t have to be a fan of online dating to see this concept work in, say online networking. Say you frequent a particular forum surrounding a topic that’s very close to the tech industry. You might think that it’s just something you don on your spare time or when you want to share expertise. Again, why lock your business in that box? Mention your company on occasion when you give a response. Learn to be subtle about sharing your own work experience and what your achievements were.
  • Give something – It sounds simple. You may have already seen this coming: Add value to the table. The best yet also most challenging thing about going beyond the tradeshows and traditional B2B communications is that you have to give something of value just so that people would listen. It could be no more than a good conversation or you might have to share a few company secrets. Either way, what’s important is that the experience creates a very human connection between you and the prospect.

A business relationship need not always be so impersonal. In fact, saying that it’s ‘just business’ is becoming less of a good idea if you’re trying to pursue strong ties with your business customers. Take it to the next level. Try to look at sales opportunities as more than just a chance to sell a product. Make it a part of how you conduct yourself wherever you are. You never know when your next big lead would stare at you right across the street.

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