Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ERP Software Leads offers exclusive campaigns that provide manufacturers, resellers, and programmers of CRM software solutions with quality, sales-ready CRM leads. With our teams of expert telemarketing agents, we can generate highly targeted software sales leads for CRM software companies that only wish to spend their time serving real clients.

CRM software solutions are continuously being developed to provide organizations with top-of-the-line answers that close the gap between client and business. The issues surrounding automated solutions often require vendors to know both their own customers and their customer’s customers.

With our database, at least finding those customers will be an easier task. With over twenty million prospects, ours is a privacy-compliant tool built solely for your advantage and allow precision targeting for acquiring  software sales leads and setting up business appointments.

You can aim for various target organizations during your campaign from their CEOs, their CMOs, to the heads of IT departments, and other C-level employees. Aside from these classifications, you can also target companies in specific locations such as:

Our experience in generating quality software leads is brought about by telemarketing coupled with the ability to target potential clients with great precision. Outsource to us and you’ll know that your CRM solution is being presented in ways that directly increase its sales output.

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