Lead Qualification

We fully understand your wish to focus on selling your solutions to sales-ready buyers. This is why we created ERP Software Leads. To help you win new clients, expand your market and multiply your profit with our lead Qualification service. By working with ERP software leads, you will be landing in front of your targeted prospects before your rivals do


We believe that setting appointments from leads without qualification are of little value. This is so because the chances of a scheduled meeting are at lowest level, which means utterly a waste of time and money. At ERP Software Leads, we always qualify leads based on the B.A.N.T. criteria (budget, authority, need and timeline). Meaning to say, every prospect we deliver is/has:

  • Financially stable and has substantial funds;
  • The right decision-maker;
  • An identified need which will lead to a purchase;
  • Buying soon.

For reliable lead qualification service, get in touch with ERP Software Leads. We will never stop working to give you the best opportunities. Get in touch with us. We will be glad to know how we can be of great help to you.