Webinar/Seminar Invitation & Lead Walk-Through

Conducting webinars and seminars is of utmost importance when marketing and selling software solutions. The complexity of the applications and the limited knowledge of several prospects are some of the reasons why these events are a must. ERP Software Leads empowers you with its outbound telemarketing strategy so you can get in touch with prospects, ensure that they are invited as well as informed and updated about your events.

Email marketing has often been the medium for webinar/seminar invitations. Although it cuts back on costs, the mails can be filtered as spam, thereby compromising efficiency. Event telemarketing, on the other hand, gives it a strong support for three main reasons.

First, direct responses or feedback are immediately received. With this, you can easily and accurately determine attendance probability. Second, there are no interceptions. (After all, prospects cannot ignore a ringing phone.) Third, they can address their issues and concerns right away.

While your organizers have their hands full preparing the main event, we focus our full attention disseminating information to prospects through integrated marketing channels, (including telemarketing and email marketing). We optimize our manpower and resources to reach more potential attendees. Whether your purpose is to promote an event or inform prospects of new business opportunities, we have the marketing ingenuity to help you produce overwhelming results from your campaigns.