Telemarketing Company in APAC Countries

With business booming in the Asia-Pacific region, ERP Software Leads is at the heart of it, providing lead generation campaigns for software companies targeting English-speaking countries in the area (including Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand). The rising economies of the region make them one of the most promising business destinations for generating B2B leads.

We have spent many years as a lead generation service provider for companies supplying enterprise management software. Aside from leads for ERP packages, they also offer lead generation for CRM, BI, and SCM software. Their professional telemarketers are well-trained to communicate with prospects in the APAC region. Such expertise is necessary when targeting multiple countries, each with its own unique preferences for business interaction. With these various nations in sight, companies would really do well to apply only secure, qualified information in pursuit of leads. That information is best obtained through skilled outsourced telemarketing and database management.

To that end, ERP Software Leads dedicates itself to creating flexible cold calling scripts and campaigns well suited for international communication. Meanwhile, our expert data analysts can refine the information further to your specifications. This software appointment setting service is dedicated to setting you up with only with those your company wants to meet up.