Telemarketing Company in Australia

ERP Software Leads now also dedicates outsourced telemarketing services for targeting leads in Australia, a place with a reputation for its telemarketing regulations. But after being in the telemarketing industry since 2004, ERP Software Leads still provides B2B lead generation campaigns that are both capable and compliant in the Land Down Under.

The company also specializes in lead qualification and appointment setting for B2B software companies. Their contact databases and professional telemarketers are all set for communicating with the right Australian business prospects that lead to successful B2B sales. Asides from ERP software, the company also generates B2B leads for Business Intelligence software, payroll systems, and EMR vendors.

ERP Software Leads provides only the top level experience when it comes to outsourced telemarketing. Our highly-trained call center personnel are familiar with the strict DNC registers and have compliant databases that leave out any illegal, undesirable entries. The company’s specialized process of generating cold calling scripts are also flexible for international communication. Their expert data analysts can refine the information they have both to your specifications as well as any other government specification for compliant telemarketing in Australia.