Telemarketing Company in Singapore

ERP Software Leads is a lead generation firm that specializes in B2B lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment setting in Singapore. Their contact databases and professional telemarketers are all set for communicating with Singaporean business prospects to improve the rate of your B2B sales.

Since 2004, this company has been generating leads for groups in the business of ERP software as well as companies specializing HR, CRM, and even medical software. The rising and rapid economy of Singapore makes it a perfect place to find promising prospects. In our contact database, you will find IT managers, C-level executives, and other relevant decision makers in Singapore’s various industries from healthcare to manufacturing.

However, communication and delicate lead qualification can be tricky while language and cultural barriers are simply the tip of the iceberg. This is why ERP Software Leads is offering reliable outsourced telemarketing services with well trained call center personnel who are familiar with engaging decision makers found in the heart of the Lion City. The company’s specialized means of generating cold calling scripts and campaigns are easily adapted to international communication thanks to expert data analysts who can refine the information they have further to your specifications.