Telemarketing Company in US and Canada

For many years, ERP Software Leads has been generating leads for groups in the business of ERP software as well as companies specializing HR, medical software, and software for B2B accounting. Their contact databases and lead generation services have strongly established their presence in U.S. and Canada.

Contrary to popular opinion, outsourced telemarketing still sees heavy use in the world of B2B lead generation even in the North American context. Stereotypical images of pushy telephone salesmen are not what this company is about. The value of leads is not limited to sales but also the quality of information (the highest of which this company delivers). Particularly, our software appointment setting strategies provide you with the information that lets you come out of meetings with more sales and less hassle.

Our qualification process is sophisticated and critical, ensuring that only interested parties have an appointment set. ERP Software Leads strengthens its outsourced telemarketing service with well trained call center personnel who are compliant with state telemarketing laws and DNC registers. Their cold calling scripts and campaigns are flexible and their expert data analysts allow to take the campaign in any direction you specify.